Block Party: Enjoy the Summer!

The summer is starting to wind down, and it was certainly one of the hottest in recent memory.   Although, it seems like the every summer is ALWAYS one of the hottest in recent memory regardless of the year!  Regardless of how hot it is relative to our childhoods, it is at least winding down with whispers of cooler weather!  And to take advantage of this, Dr. Chitwood decided to throw a cookout for several of the offices on the block.  It was so much fun to get together with the neighbors of almost 30 years, share stories and just have a good time.

Here are some of the pictures from the cookout!

Yes, the fire trucks drove by twice during our cookout.  We assumed they were hungry!

Dr. Chitwood manning the grill.


The girls enjoying the sunshine & a Coke

Donna & Jennifer sneak out to enjoy the sunshine before the fun begins.










We should get a Coca-Cola endorsement...

Donna and Debby enjoy some time with Dr. Chitwood's mother.

Beautiful day for a cookout!

Jennifer, Michelle, Melinda, Alison and Donna cheesing it up for the camera!











Goodness look how tall she is!

Donna & Sarah setting out the food.

All the lovely ladies of Dr. Potter & Dr. McClain's offices! What fun they were!










Dig In!

We ate and laughed so much we almost burst!










So many desserts to choose from!

Dr. Chitwood and his lovely wife, Denise, share a smile.










Here you find Dr. McClain, Dr. Potter and Dr. Chitwood hanging out after being neighbors for almost 30 years!

In the end, the only thing left to say is when’s the NEXT cookout?!?!


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