MTSU’s Veterans Recognition Day: Seats for Soldiers!

Seats for Soldiers!

On November 19th, MTSU will be facing off with Arkansas on our home turf.  This home game created a great opportunity for MTSU and you to celebrate and support our veterans.  Hence the “Veterans Recognition Day” here at MTSU.   This will be an event-filled day created to honor our nation’s veterans and their families, and treat them to the football game free of charge!

Starting at 10:30am, in the Tom Jackson Building, there will be a Veterans Memorial Service.  Following the service, there will be a complimentary picnic for veterans and their families held on the Hall of Fame Lawn.  Here is where the veterans will receive their complimentary tickets to the foot ball game.

Now here is where MTSU needs your partnership to make this happen.  MTSU has created special ticket packages for people interested in donating seats to our military attendees.  And, a huge plus is that MTSU will match your donation, ticket for ticket!

The All- American package costs $1,280, which purchases 80 tickets.  And when these 80 tickets are matched by MTSU, 160 tickets are now available for the men and women of the armed forces!  As a thank you to YOU for purchasing this package, MTSU will give you and autographed Coach stockstill football, recognition on Blue Tube as well as on

The Patriotic package purchases 40 tickets, with an MTSU match for 80 total, at the cost of $640. You will receive recognition on Blue Tube and for this donation.   And the True Blue package purchases 20 tickets, matched to 40 by MTSU, for only $320!  This package comes with a recognition of your gift on


For more information about the program call James Kentfield at the MTSU Ticket Office: 898-5198.  Also click here to download the donation form and additional details about the ticket packages :Salute to Armed Services-Veterans Day.


Help us celebrate those who have and continue to serve and protect our nation!



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