Your Child’s First Visit: What to expect

After reading tons of books about going to the dentist with “Critter”, and watching several videos your child is almost ready to open wide and let your dentist and hygienist take a look at those pearly whites!  It is so very important to reassure your child so that they understand that the dentist office is not a scary place at all!

The First Visit:

Your child’s first visit is an introduction: this is their first opportunity to sit in the chair, take in their surroundings, meet their hygienist and the dentist and have a very simple oral exam and cleaning.  It is a good idea to schedule your child’s appointment early in the day, avoiding their typical nap-time.  Depending on your child’s anxiety level, you may need to sit in the dental chair with your child on your lap to help them relax.  It also helps that their first appointment may last only 15 to 30 minutes.

While they are in the chair, they will experience a gentle evaluation of their teeth, jaw, bite, gums and oral tissues.  This will allow your dental team to observe your child’s oral development and look for potential problem areas.  Your hygienist will take x-rays of their teeth so that underlying decay can be spotted.

Your child will then have a very gentle cleaning.  This includes removal of any plaque, tartar, and stains followed by polishing the teeth.  Your hygienist will show you and your child the proper way to brush and floss your teeth and share nutritional information about what kinds of food can harmful to growing healthy mouths.  It is often recommended that young children protect their teeth with the use of fluoride treatments.  Your hygienist and dentist will be able to asses your child’s needs and make an appropriate recommendation.

Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?

When Can You Come Back:

It is typically recommended that children see their dentist every six months, just like adults.  If your child is very young, it might be recommended that they see the dentist every three months.  The frequency of the visit is dependent on your child’s oral needs.

Now that you and your child are ready for their first visit, feel free to give our office a call!  We would gladly answer any questions you have about your child’s oral health.


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