Trick or Treating, Candy Corn and…Floss??

candy corn & teethThat’s right, floss!  Flossing is a very important component to your oral hygiene routine.  And while you should be doing it once a day, it’s especially important to remember during the holiday season.  While you are surrounded by candy corn and chocolate in October, pumpkin pies and caramels in November, and gingerbread houses and candy canes in December, it is important to remember to floss!

Isn’t Brushing Good Enough?

No, it isn’t.  Brushing your teeth is the best way to clean the tops and sides of your teeth, but the brush bristles are unable to get between teeth to remove plaque from the interproximal (between teeth) spaces.  Proper flossing methods allow you to clean between teeth removing food bits, plaque and bacteria.

What are the Best Flossing Practices?

There are two methods that work best for flossing: the spool and the loop method.

To use the spool method, you take a length of floss and wrap most of it around your middle finger.  Then wrap the rest of it around the middle finger of your other hand;  as you use the floss, wind the dirty floss onto this finger.

The loop method has you taking a length of floss and tying it into a circle withloop method several knots.  Using all of your fingers (except your thumb) inside the loop, use your index finger to guide the floss through the lower teeth.  You can then use your thumbs to guide the floss for the upper teeth!

What about a Waterpick?

Waterpicks are not good substitutes for flossing.  It is able to remove food particles from hard to reach places, but it can not remove plaque!

While it does not matter what method you use to floss, or what kind of floss that you use,  it’s just very important that you DO floss.


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