Orthodontics and Adult Patients: Is it too late?

It is never too late to make a positive change to your smile!  More and more adults are looking to orthodontic care as a possible solution to their smile woes,  and it’s not just for esthetic reasons.  Misaligned teeth can effect how you are able to eat and digest your food properly; it can cause difficulties in maintaining proper oral hygiene which can lead to decay; it can also be the cause of facial or profile imbalance.

Orthodontic therapy has progressed a long way over the past few decades.  You are no longer limited to the traditional metal braces.  There are more options available depending on your particular needs and what the orthodontist deems appropriate for treatment.

Traditional Metal Braces:

Traditional Metal Braces

Clear Braces:


Clear Aligners:


Lingual Braces:

lingual braces

There are many options for you and your orthodontist to explore as you discuss which treatment plan is best for your lifestyle.  Modern orthodontic therapy can minimally impede your lifestyle, while majorly changing your smile!

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