An Athlete’s Best Friend: A Custom Mouthguard!

Many student athletes, college and otherwise, have been practicing all summer long for their fall sports, and know that training is just around the corner for the spring teams. But are they really prepared and protected for when they make contact with the opposing team? Of course they have helmets, protective padding, supportive shoes, and gloves. In a world of controversy over concussions and the long term effect of contact sports on the body, you can never be too careful. However, your child might be missing one of the most important pieces of protective equipment that you can possibly purchase: a custom-made mouthguard!

Your child’s smile is at an increased risk of sustaining injury during youth sports if they are playing without a mouthguard. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children are most susceptible to sports-related dental injuries between the ages of 7 and 11. Losing an adult tooth to a sports injury can have lifelong consequences! The importance of wearing a mouthguard!

There are several mouthguard options available for those seeking to minimize damage to the mouth during sporting matches. The least expensive options available are over-the-counter stock or Boil-and-bite mouthguards. These over-the-counter options, while better than wearing no protection, do not offer a comfortable fit that also adequately protects an athlete from injury. There are many drawbacks to stock and boil-and-bite mouthguards: lack of customization to accommodate athletes in braces, lack of compliance by the athlete due to poor fit, minimal protective layers to absorb the shock of impacts, and poor quality materials. Also, both of these over-the-counter guards obstruct the natural airway, causing discomfort which can inhibit overall performance. Custom MG vs a Boil-and-Bite MG

The best mouthguard option available is the custom-made pressure-laminated mouthguard. This mouthguard offers a completely customized fit for the player with multiple layers of protection which can be tailored to the type of sport played. Because the mouthguard is made in the office utilizing impressions of the athlete’s mouth, we are able to minimize uncomfortable bulk, while maximizing the amount of protection that the guard can offer. Fitting securely to the player’s teeth, breathing is not obstructed which improves communication during play. If an athlete has a guard that he or she can wear comfortably, they will wear it more consistently than if they had an ill-fitting, bulky guard that was difficult to breath or talk with. Our Pressure Laminated MG

Our office recently obtained the technology that gives us the capability to manufacture custom-made pressure-laminated mouthguards here in our office. By having our in-house lab technician fabricate the guard, we are able to eliminate the wait-time that is unavoidable when an outside lab has to fabricate the device. We have the ability to personalize your guard with a variety of colors and patterns and even team logos! Call our office today to schedule your appointment for a custom-made mouthguard: 615-893-8771


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