Welcome to Your Blog!

Welcome to your blog!

We hope that this new space will continue to foster the relationships that have developed over the years with you, our patients!  Here you will find links to our website www.tndentistry.com, as well as our facebook page.  Now, you can even follow us on twitter @TNDentistry!  We desire to present something new and interactive where you can share with us just as much as we share with you.   We’ve learned that open communication is the key to forging lifelong relationships inside and outside the practice.

Dr. Chitwood and staff are up to some pretty exciting things throughout the year (mission trips, conferences, TV appearances!) and this is the perfect place to share about our adventures.  And, from our conversations with you in the office, we know you are up to some fantastic adventures as well!  We would love for you to share the excitement of your vacations, graduations, new children and grandchildren, the accomplishments and adventures of everyday life with our practice.  So if you have an exciting story to share and some great pictures to illustrate it, send them over and we’ll share it with our dental family!  Our desire for this blog is to be about you, but we’ll share some of our stories to help break the ice and get the ball rolling.

Now that you’re familiar with our goals here, allow me to introduce Dr. Walter Chitwood. He founded Implant & General Dentistry of Middle Tennessee in 1982.  Since then, he has diligently sought to further his dental education and has become a respected resource for teaching dental implantology and aseptic techniques during dental procedures.  He is a highly sought after educator and lectures nationwide.  Now, he’s bringing his expertise to you via the blogosphere!

Our office would not be what it is today if it weren’t for the ladies that work here.  So here is sneak peek at who we have in the office!  We have two amazing Dental Assistants, Donna & Debby, who assist Dr. Chitwood with implant surgeries, extractions, and many other procedures.  When not in the office, Donna spends a lot of her time out in the garden, or by the pool with her adorable grandchildren.  She and her husband also love playing with Bonnie, their Bassett Hound. Debby is the jetsetter here at the office.  She loves to fly to California or to Hawaii to visit her children and beautiful grandchildren.  When she does stay in town, you can find her in the garden or practicing flute for her next Belle Air Orchestra or Tennessee Winds performance.  Jennifer and Alison are our Hygienists, and they enjoy helping to keep your smile looking its best.  Jennifer and her lovely children, Emily, Trent and Sarah, enjoy spending time at the lake or pool.  In the summertime, if she’s not at work, Jennifer and family are most likely splashing around in the water. Alison and her family love having fun in the sun, too!  They enjoy spending time with the neighbors while the children play in their quiet cul-de-sac.  But sometimes, you can find Alison treating herself to some well earned retail therapy.

In the front office, we have Michelle, Melinda and Sarah.  Michelle and Melinda are to thank for the ease of scheduling your appointments as well as handling insurance concerns; in general, they keep the office running smoothly!  Our Zoom! expert, Melinda, enjoys spending time with her darling daughter, Hailey, and husband, Chris.  On a beautiful day, you can find all three of them in the yard playing with their two dogs.  Michelle, her husband, and two boys love spending as much time together as possible.  Any family activity involving the great outdoors, especially the beach, is what they find most relaxing.  Sarah is the office implant coordinator as well as the office “blog master.”  When not at the office, you can find her either at the gym or a local coffee shop with mug in hand and laptop in tow.

Quick game of "HORSE" during the lunch hour

Our office with MTSU Men's Basketball Coach, Kermit Davis

So, welcome to our blog!  And, be sure to check back weekly for updates and new posts.


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