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Mary Ansley Chitwood’s Graduation Speech

Mary Ansley recently graduated from Siegel High School as Valedictorian. We wanted to share her speech with you because it will be sure to bring you a chuckle and a smile!


MTSU’s Phillip Tanner Signs with the Cowboys for Second Year in a Row

Former MTSU Player, Phillip Tanner, Scores Big in Dallas

As MTSU’s athletic dentist, we have the continuous pleasure of seeing some of the NFL’s up and coming stars.  And it has been such a pleasure to see MTSU alumnus, Phillip Tanner, play ball with the Blue Raiders and now with the Dallas Cowboys.

Tanner’s dedication and hard work in college ball certainly paid off last year when he signed with the Dallas Cowboys.  As a rookie, he played in 9 games, served on special teams, rushed 76 yards and scored one touchdown!  His work ethic and respect for the game has driven him to new heights in personal improvement and achievement.

Ever the role model for young aspiring players and fans of the game, Tanner showed his gratitude and humility for playing the game in a recent article by the DNJ.   “I love being about to talk to kinds and seeing their eyes light up.  If I made it, why can’t they make it?”

We are excited to see one of our own move on to a second season in the NFL.  Good luck with the Cowboys this year, Tanner!  We will be rooting for you, and every other Blue Raider that has hit the big leagues.



Michael Y. Gives Us a Reason to Smile

Michael Y. shows off his pearly whites at the end of his implant therapy.

Debbie B. Flashes a Grin

Dr. Chitwood with implant patient, Debbie B.

Debbie B. Flashes a grin at the end of her implant therapy

To the Edge of Space, or Just Your Imagination

Ever wanted to sit in the seat of a C130 Pilot?  Well our patient, Tommy Z. had the opportunity to do just that at the Great Tennessee Air Show this summer!  Read on to hear all about his adventure:

The Smyrna Regional Airport hosted the 2011 Air show during the second weekend in May this year.  This event draws thousands of people to see a variety of aircraft and watch spectacular aerobatics every year.  There were F-16 Fighting Falcons to look at, cargo planes and a FedEx plane available to tour and explore on the inside and many other amazing aircraft to investigate.

Tommy with Dad in the C-130

Tommy in the cockpit on the left

However, it is the C130 that might hold a special place in Tommy’s memory of the event.

Tommy had the opportunity to sit in the pilot seat of a C130!  He and his dad, Matty, had such a blast imagining what being a C-130 pilot’s life would be like.  The pilots were available to answer all of their questions about flying such a huge piece of machinery.

Check out Captain Tommy:

Captain Tommy

Captain Tommy!

Thunderbird F-16s

Two Thunderbird F-16 perform a "Mirror" stunt

Tommy also enjoyed the aerobatics of the Thunderbirds with their nail biting turns, breathtaking passes and ear popping speed.  Matty said “To see a jet fighter fly by at all is, for a lack of a better word, cool.  But to see them fly by so low to the ground and then fly straight up and maneuver to the left or right with such robotic precision, one can be  easily mesmerized!”

This is the Thunderbirds 58th season on the air show circuit representing the Air Force Airmen.  The 2011 team is made up of 12 Officers and more than 120 Enlisted Air Force members, consisting of over 30 career fields to perform the Thunderbird mission.

The announcers at the air show also provided historical information on the planes there.  Tommy was able to learn about which wars where fought by which planes and the significant roles in those battles.

Tommy had such a blast at the airshow with his father, grandfather and his cousins.  They are all looking forward to next years Great Tennessee Air Show!