MTSU’s Veterans Recognition Day: Seats for Soldiers!

Seats for Soldiers!

On November 19th, MTSU will be facing off with Arkansas on our home turf.  This home game created a great opportunity for MTSU and you to celebrate and support our veterans.  Hence the “Veterans Recognition Day” here at MTSU.   This will be an event-filled day created to honor our nation’s veterans and their families, and treat them to the football game free of charge!

Starting at 10:30am, in the Tom Jackson Building, there will be a Veterans Memorial Service.  Following the service, there will be a complimentary picnic for veterans and their families held on the Hall of Fame Lawn.  Here is where the veterans will receive their complimentary tickets to the foot ball game.

Now here is where MTSU needs your partnership to make this happen.  MTSU has created special ticket packages for people interested in donating seats to our military attendees.  And, a huge plus is that MTSU will match your donation, ticket for ticket!

The All- American package costs $1,280, which purchases 80 tickets.  And when these 80 tickets are matched by MTSU, 160 tickets are now available for the men and women of the armed forces!  As a thank you to YOU for purchasing this package, MTSU will give you and autographed Coach stockstill football, recognition on Blue Tube as well as on

The Patriotic package purchases 40 tickets, with an MTSU match for 80 total, at the cost of $640. You will receive recognition on Blue Tube and for this donation.   And the True Blue package purchases 20 tickets, matched to 40 by MTSU, for only $320!  This package comes with a recognition of your gift on


For more information about the program call James Kentfield at the MTSU Ticket Office: 898-5198.  Also click here to download the donation form and additional details about the ticket packages :Salute to Armed Services-Veterans Day.


Help us celebrate those who have and continue to serve and protect our nation!



Another Piece to the Puzzle

Recently, our office had the opportunity to host “Another Piece to the Puzzle” implant seminar for the surrounding dentists in the area.  We had a such a great turn out with the room jam packed with area dentists and their staff.  It was so much fun to get to know offices from towns as far away as Jasper, TN as well as a few closer to home!

Due to the generosity of Barksdale Lab of Alabama and Crest, the doctors and staff were treated to a wonderful selection of door prizes!

Here are a few highlights from the event:

Dr. Chitwood welcomes all of our attendees

Dr. Chitwood demonstrates the cantilever method for implant placement

Betty Barksdale, Dr. Chitwood and Dr. Kenneth Malhoit pause for a door prize drawing. Dr. Malhoit is the first winner of the morning!

Here we have Kenneth Guthrie, Betty Barksdale, and Oz Richie of Barksdale Lab, along with Cheryl Bellmann of Crest. These generous people were the providers of the doctor and staff door prizes.

Check back next week to see the rest of the pictures from the seminar!

Block Party: Enjoy the Summer!

The summer is starting to wind down, and it was certainly one of the hottest in recent memory.   Although, it seems like the every summer is ALWAYS one of the hottest in recent memory regardless of the year!  Regardless of how hot it is relative to our childhoods, it is at least winding down with whispers of cooler weather!  And to take advantage of this, Dr. Chitwood decided to throw a cookout for several of the offices on the block.  It was so much fun to get together with the neighbors of almost 30 years, share stories and just have a good time.

Here are some of the pictures from the cookout!

Yes, the fire trucks drove by twice during our cookout.  We assumed they were hungry!

Dr. Chitwood manning the grill.


The girls enjoying the sunshine & a Coke

Donna & Jennifer sneak out to enjoy the sunshine before the fun begins.










We should get a Coca-Cola endorsement...

Donna and Debby enjoy some time with Dr. Chitwood's mother.

Beautiful day for a cookout!

Jennifer, Michelle, Melinda, Alison and Donna cheesing it up for the camera!











Goodness look how tall she is!

Donna & Sarah setting out the food.

All the lovely ladies of Dr. Potter & Dr. McClain's offices! What fun they were!










Dig In!

We ate and laughed so much we almost burst!










So many desserts to choose from!

Dr. Chitwood and his lovely wife, Denise, share a smile.










Here you find Dr. McClain, Dr. Potter and Dr. Chitwood hanging out after being neighbors for almost 30 years!

In the end, the only thing left to say is when’s the NEXT cookout?!?!

undeSERVEd Part Deux!

Team all geared up to serve the Memphis community

Here is Dr. Chitwood’s service team, they are all geared up to start hitting the streets and helping the needy.  They can’t contain their excitement!

They're so excited, they just can't hide it!

They're so excited, they just can't hide it!

To prepare their hearts and minds for the task of serving in various parks, hospitals, non-profits, churches and retirement homes, the young adults spent time each morning in devotionals meditating on how God’s Word can impact their lives so that they can impact other people’s lives.

Studying and then applying God's Word in their hearts and minds

Studying and then applying God's Word in their hearts and minds

Dr. Chitwood’s team had the opportunity to serve at the non-profit organization, Bibles for China.  They were able to assist the organization with cleanup of the facilities.  This was a large blessing to the organization because so much of their focus is placed on their mission of sending Bibles in Mandarin/Cantonese to China, a country notorious for being opposed to their citizens  embrace of Christianity and religion in general.

Another area that this team served was in a local retirement home.  Here the youth were able to entertain the residents with sing-a-longs and exercise routines.  This allowed the staff to catch up on paperwork and other overdue projects.  The residents seemed to really enjoy the blast from the past with some of their favorite old songs!

Getting the residents hyped up for their sing-fest

The boys lead a group of singers down memory lane

The residents get sporty with a game of bags

The residents get sporty with a game of bags

And of course… there is ALWAYS dentistry to be done!

Who needs an office anyway!

Dr. Chitwood & son, Walt, use a flashlight to see what's going on!

At the end of the week, the youth were exhausted (and so were the adults!) but they were so blessed to have been given this opportunity to reach out to the areas of need in the Memphis community.  Many people felt the love of God through the service of His Church as they answered the call to serve!

Belle Aire’s Youth undeSERVEd Serves Memphis

Mission undeSERVEd kicks off

Last week, Dr. Chitwood, his family and several of our patients traveled to Memphis, TN, as part of Belle Aire Church’s youth outreach to the area.  There were quite a few opportunities for the youth to serve the Memphis community:  Park clean-up, delivery of coloring books to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, service in area retirement homes just to name a few!  As these young adults followed Christ’s call to serve, they saw lives changed around them and God’s love shown through them.

Dr. Chitwood's service group

Dr. Chitwood, Carleigh and Walt get ready to serve with the rest of their service group

The young people were divided up into service groups with leaders and co-leaders.   They stayed with these groups for devotionals, service projects, and for fun!

Mrs. Chitwood & Mary Ansley's service group

Mrs. Chitwood & Mary Ansley's serivce group

It was a fantastic experience for these young people to serve as Jesus Christ’s hands and feet in the area.  Not only were the people in the community ministered to on this mission trip, but the young adults who took part were also touched as they stepped out in faith to serve the needs of the people around them!

Stay tuned for the second installment of the events from the “undeSERVEd” outreach!

Check out a few more photos from the trip:

More silly times

Silly times

Silly times

More silly times

Michael Y. Gives Us a Reason to Smile

Michael Y. shows off his pearly whites at the end of his implant therapy.

Debbie B. Flashes a Grin

Dr. Chitwood with implant patient, Debbie B.

Debbie B. Flashes a grin at the end of her implant therapy

To the Edge of Space, or Just Your Imagination

Ever wanted to sit in the seat of a C130 Pilot?  Well our patient, Tommy Z. had the opportunity to do just that at the Great Tennessee Air Show this summer!  Read on to hear all about his adventure:

The Smyrna Regional Airport hosted the 2011 Air show during the second weekend in May this year.  This event draws thousands of people to see a variety of aircraft and watch spectacular aerobatics every year.  There were F-16 Fighting Falcons to look at, cargo planes and a FedEx plane available to tour and explore on the inside and many other amazing aircraft to investigate.

Tommy with Dad in the C-130

Tommy in the cockpit on the left

However, it is the C130 that might hold a special place in Tommy’s memory of the event.

Tommy had the opportunity to sit in the pilot seat of a C130!  He and his dad, Matty, had such a blast imagining what being a C-130 pilot’s life would be like.  The pilots were available to answer all of their questions about flying such a huge piece of machinery.

Check out Captain Tommy:

Captain Tommy

Captain Tommy!

Thunderbird F-16s

Two Thunderbird F-16 perform a "Mirror" stunt

Tommy also enjoyed the aerobatics of the Thunderbirds with their nail biting turns, breathtaking passes and ear popping speed.  Matty said “To see a jet fighter fly by at all is, for a lack of a better word, cool.  But to see them fly by so low to the ground and then fly straight up and maneuver to the left or right with such robotic precision, one can be  easily mesmerized!”

This is the Thunderbirds 58th season on the air show circuit representing the Air Force Airmen.  The 2011 team is made up of 12 Officers and more than 120 Enlisted Air Force members, consisting of over 30 career fields to perform the Thunderbird mission.

The announcers at the air show also provided historical information on the planes there.  Tommy was able to learn about which wars where fought by which planes and the significant roles in those battles.

Tommy had such a blast at the airshow with his father, grandfather and his cousins.  They are all looking forward to next years Great Tennessee Air Show!